Uncle Dan was explaining to his eldest son, my cousin John, ... But this is actually very sage wisdom from that can be applied in nearly any setting.
The trip to move to California - switched drivers crashed car - rental car
I transformed my Costa Mesa garage into a Japanese sanctuary with scraps from Greg, some tools and guidance from Joe, and Steve's help.
Examples of fairly advanced, or at least, difficult to remember blog constucts and styling. Also, some ideas for articles and notes to self.
Making a living? There are many ways, but when you have a job it is usually "making a dying."
In Thailand, it is very common for teenage boys to become novice monks often in preparation for marriage. Even very young boys are frequently sent to temple for extended periods either because of behavior issues or simply because the family is too po
Ray and Tip love their daughter Susanna - and they love their friends. To ensure a most memorable birthday for Susanna, they invited about 40 of her and their best friends to the Hard Rock in Pattaya. All expenses paid, of course, because that is the
Coming from a place that averages 84" of snow per year, I'm very familiar with the stuff: And, Bangkok's Snow Town doesn't have any. Slush..? Yes. Ice...? Yes. Snow...? NO! And it's a shame because I had really hoped to give the little ones a taste o
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