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Grand Coat of Arms of France & Navarre: 1589 - 1790 — From the ascension of Henry III of Navarre as Henry IV of France (first King of the House of Bourbon) to the changing of Louis XVI's title as King of France and Navarre to King of the French. (heraldry and coat of arms having been abolished in France 1790). The Coat of Arms contains two escutcheons; per pale: "Azure, three fleurs-de-lis or" for the France and "Gules, a cross, saltire, (double) orle of chains, all linked, or'" for Navarre. The escutcheons are surrounded first by the chain of the Order of Saint Michael and by the chain of the Order of the Holy Spirit, both were known as the ordres du roi. Atop the escutcheons is the Royal crown on top of an opened gold helmet, with blue mantling. The two supporters are two angels, acting as heralds for the two realms. The dexter angel carries a standard with the arms of France, and wearing a tabard with the same arms. The sinister angel also carries a standard and wears a tabard, but that of Navarre. Both are standing on puffs of cloud. Above is a pavilion armoy√© with the Royal Crown of France. From it is a royal blue mantle with a semis of fleurs-de-lis or On top of the crown flies the banner of France. The motto is written in gold on a blue ribbon: "MONTJOIE SAINT DENIS" the war cry of France, Saint Denis was also the abbey where the oriflamme was kept.
Photo Credit: By Sodacan - Own Work, , based on: File:France1594.png, File:FranceRoyale.jpg and File:Collier de l'ordre du Saint-Esprit .jpg. With element from: File:Navarre Arms.svg., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8072931