08/01/1912 AD married

Bohr resigned his membership in the Church of Denmark on 16 April 1912, and he and Margrethe were married in a civil ceremony at the town hall in Slagelse on 1 August.

At age 19, Margrethe was studying to be a French teacher when she met Niels Bohr, a friend of her brother, Niels Nørlund. As she remembered it later, her future husband visited the house several times before she really noticed him. Their relationship progressed quickly and by the summer of 1910 they were engaged.

The Bohrs had six sons but the oldest and youngest passed away prematurely. Harald died at about 10 from meningitis and his eldest brother, Christian, drowned at 18 when a storm suddenly overtook the boat he was sailing with his father. Notably, one son Aage Bohr, became a celebrated physicist like his father and also won the Nobel Prize.

Lattitude: 55.4048° N
Longitude: 11.353° E
Region: Europe
Modern Day Denmark
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