1038 AD born

Sancho Garcés was an illegitimate son of King García Sánchez III and a concubine, born around 1038 and before his father married Stephanie.

He was appointed tenant-in-chief of Uncastillo and Sangüesa and could have also been the Sancho Garcés who appears governing Ruesta (1058), Surta (1065), Autol (1071), and Anguiano and Tobía in 1073.[5] He had several siblings born to his father's subsequent marriage, including King Sancho Garcés IV, Ramiro Garcés and Urraca, wife of count García Ordóñez.

He was also the brother of another illegitimate child of the king, Mencía Garcés, wife of Fortún Ochoiz, though it is not known if Sancho and Mencía shared the same mother.

Unknown - Spain
Lattitude: 40.4637° N
Longitude: 3.7492° W
Region: Europe
Modern Day Spain
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