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Sancho IV was assassinated in Peñalén (Funes), whence his nickname, by a conspiracy headed by his brother Ramón Garcés (el Fratricida, the Fratricide) and his sister Ermesinda.

Sancho's death caused the nominal heir to the throne, García Sánchez de Pamplona, to be displaced by Sancho Ramírez, king of Aragon who was distributed, supported by the nobility that a child king, Navarre with Alfonso VI de León, not want to want, that the territories of the lordship of Vizcaya, Álava, part of Guipúzcoa, La Rioja, La Bureba for the kingdom of Castile were annexed.

During a scheduled hunt, Sancho was forced from a cliff by his siblings. Upon his assassination, the kingdom was invaded and ultimately partitioned between Sancho of Aragon and Alfonso VI of León and Castile, brother and successor of Sancho II.

After his brother's murder, Ramón took refuge in Zaragoza with the Moorish king Al-Muqtadir who gave him land and other property in the city.​

After the murder, Ermesinda escaped and found protection under the court of King Alfonso VI de León who took advantage of Sancho's death to invade the kingdom of Pamplona. Alfonso VI then sought to find him a husband, Fortún Sánchez, lord of Yárnoz and Yéqueda.

Funes, Navarra
Lattitude: 42.3166° N
Longitude: 1.8° W
Region: Europe
Modern Day Spain
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