07/08/1545 AD born

Carlos was bornto double first cousins Philip of Spain and María Manuela of Portugal. His paternal grandfather, Emperor Charles V, was the reigning king of Spain. Carlos's mother Maria died four days after the birth of her son from a hemorrhage she had following the birth.

Carlos was born with unequal leg length and lordosis, resulting in his shoulders and stance being asymmetrical. His physical abnormalities and behavioral issues are attributed to inbreeding as he was a member of the House of Habsburg and the House of Aviz. Carlos had only four great-grandparents instead of the typical eight, and his parents had the same coefficient of relationship, 25%, which is equivalent to them being half siblings. He also had only six great-great-grandparents, instead of the maximum 16 his maternal grandmother and his paternal grandfather were siblings, his maternal grandfather and his paternal grandmother were also siblings, and his two great-grandmothers were sisters.

Due to the death of his mother, Carlos was raised by his paternal aunts. According to the courtesan Gramiz, Carlos was spoiled, emotionally unstable, and not very bright. He was educated in the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares along with Juan of Austria and Alexander Farnese.

Carlos began exhibiting violent behavior at a young age. The Venetian ambassador, Hieronymo Soranzo, thought that Carlos was "ugly and repulsive" and once tried to force a shoemaker to eat shoes Carlos had found unsatisfactory[citation needed]. Another Venetian, Paolo Tiepolo, wrote: "He [Prince Carlos] wished neither to study nor to take physical exercise, but only to harm others."

It is unclear if he had any intellectual disabilities, or if his intellectual ability was impaired from the 1562 brain injury.

In 1556, Emperor Charles V abdicated and retired to the Monastery of Yuste in southern Spain, leaving the Spanish holdings of his empire to his son, Philip, Carlos's father. In 1559, Carlos became engaged to Elizabeth of Valois, eldest daughter of King Henry II of France. However, due to political reasons and Carlos unstable mental state, she instead married his father, King Philip, in 1560.

At age 14 he fell ill with malaria and moved to Alcalá de Henares. Doctors recommended the move since the climate was milder in Alcalá de Henares. Carlos constantly complained about his father's resistance to giving him positions of authority. Finally, the King gave him a position in the Council of Castile and another in the Council of Aragon. This only made Carlos more furious, since both organisations were important but ultimately consultative. He showed no interest in the councils or in familiarising himself with political matters through them.

Lattitude: 41.6522° N
Longitude: 4.7245° W
Region: Europe
Modern Day Spain
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