01/14/1507 AD born

An Infanta of Castile and Archduchess of Austria, Catherine was the posthumous daughter of King Philip I by Queen Joanna of Castile. Catherine was born in Torquemada and named in honor of her maternal aunt, Catherine of Aragon. She was kept by her mentally unstable mother's side.

All of her five older siblings, except Ferdinand, were born in the Low Countries and had been put into the care of their aunt Margaret of Austria, but Joanna kept hold of young Catherine. Catherine actually stayed with her mother during imprisonment at Tordesillas during her grandfather Ferdinand of Aragon's time as regent and her elder brother Charles as co-king. When the time came for her to marry, Catherine was released from the custody that her mother was to endure until her death.

Torquemada, Palencia
Lattitude: 42.0319° N
Longitude: 4.32° W
Region: North America
North America
Modern Day United States
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