Blender brings Three-D Animation to the Masses


A deselect or select all
Alt+A toggle animation
Shft+A add
Ctrl+A OM popup apply menu
B box select
Shft+B zoom border
Alt+B,Ctrl+B something about borders??? don't understand yet
C circle select
Shft+C cursor to center
Shft+D duplicate
Alt+E extrude menu
F face
G grab
H hide selected
Alt+H unhide
Shft+H hide unselected
I EM inset selected faces, else insert keyframe
Alt+I delete keyframe
Ctrl+I invert selection
M move to another layer
Alt+M merge selected verticies
N toggle properties panel
Ctrl+N EDIT MODE recalc normals, other modes open new blend (reload startup)
P separate part of a mesh into its own object
R rotate
Shft+R repeat last action
S scale
Shft+S popup Snap menu
T toggle tools panel
W popup vertex specials menu
X delete
Z toggle wireframe
. bring to center
Ctrl+LMB Edit mode add a vertex
Alt+RMB over edge - selects edge loop
Ctrl+Space toggle 3D manipulator
Shft+Space toggle fullscreen with windows header menu visible
Alt+F10 toggle bigger fulscreen (no header)


  • Alt+R clear rotation
Bezier Curves
  • Alt+C close curve
  • F fillgap between two vertex points
  • V set handle type (auto, vector)
  • W subdivide - insert new point between selected
  • X,Select - remove a point
  • X,Segment - cuts curve between two selected points
Backdrop in Node Compositor
  • V zoom out
  • Alt+V zoom in
  • Alt+MMB pan
  • Ctrl+LMB,drag to cut a connection between nodes
  • Shft+LMB,drag over a connection to create a reroute node (splitter)
  • H collapse selected node
Make an emitting plane:
  • Cycles - Give you plane an emission shader
  • Blender render - In material settings increase emit value.
  • In World enable Indirect Lighting and set Gather to Approximate
About the author

I came to Thailand with strong yearning to grow spirituality. Living as an expat in such a different culture gives one a unique perspective on what is really important in life. My experiences have brought me full circle from an exploration of Eastern philosophy back to the origins of western religions and philosophy.

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